Our Mission Statement

The Wishlist Foundation is a Pearl Jam fan-run nonprofit, grassroots organization dedicated to supporting Pearl Jam’s charitable and philanthropic goals.

Our ongoing mission is to utilize the collective ability of Pearl Jam fans around the globe to make a difference in the world. Together we can do so much more as a group than by each one of us acting individually.

With your help, we can work towards a common greater good for all of our beneficiaries by participating in these activities, just to name a few:

  • Education
  • Fundraising
  • Increasing Awareness
  • Involvement
  • Community Service

Our inspiration to comes from interviews, lyrics, songs and words of encouragement from the band Pearl Jam.

Our Bylaws


  1. The name of the Organization shall be Wishlist Foundation.
  2. The Organization may have a seal that may be approved and adopted from time to time by the Board of Directors, and the seal or a facsimile of the seal may be affixed by any person authorized by the Board of Directors or these By-Laws.
  3. Unless otherwise required by the laws of the State of Illinois, the Board of Directors may opt not to utilize a corporate seal.
  4. The Organization shall be a nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Illinois.
  5. The Organization shall continuously maintain in the State of Illinois a registered office and a registered agent whose business office is identical with such registered office. The Organization may have such other offices within or without the state of Illinois.
  6. The fiscal year of the corporation shall begin on the first day of January of each year and end on the 31st day of December.


  1. The following are the purposes for which this Organization has been organized;
    • To support the charitable endeavors of the band Pearl Jam and its members.
    • To raise money and awareness for the charitable organizations Pearl Jam and its members advocate, as determined by the Board of Directors.
    • Any other charitable, cultural or educational purposes that are allowable under the Illinois Not For Profit Act of Illinois and as may be allowable under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501.