Interview with Sound Engineers: “Speed of Sound: SoundGirls Awareness Project”

I had the incredible opportunity to recently interview two very talented sound engineers, Beckie Campbell and Willa Snow. We discussed their careers and how the live music industry has been affected by the pandemic.

Please note: While SoundGirls is no longer accepting applications for grocery/gas gift cards, there are other opportunities to apply for assistance if you are a sound tech or engineer in need. Check out and the Wishlist Foundation Fundraiser: Speed of Sound: SoundGirls Awareness Project, if you need assistance or if you would like to learn more about how you can help those in need in the live music community.

Pearl Jam community, we know how important the wizards behind the curtain are at every Pearl Jam show. Each of us is a part of something bigger. We support each other, and we lift each other up. And the only way that our community works well…that our community will come back…is if we continue to support each other—not just Pearl Jam, but our entire music community—during this time of great need.