“Tree of Sound”: Phase 2 of SoundGirls Awareness Project

Poem by Staff Writer, Chrissie Ferguson

There is a tree of which we are all a part.

While it has only been living for 30 years,

It’s as tall and as strong as an oak that’s lived for 300.

Its seed was planted in 1990.

And as the sun shone down upon it,

And the rain saturated the soil,

The roots began to take hold.

And almost immediately, a tree began to grow.

It became stronger and taller with each passing day.

The branches reached up to the sky.

And out into the community.

Day after day, the sunlight provided its magic.

The rain cast its spell on the tree as well.

And a multitude of leaves began to grow.

Soon, they began to rustle in the breeze,

Creating music for all the land to hear.

And the tree stood tall and regal,

Providing oxygen for all who flocked to it.

And the people were happy.

They danced and they sang.

And the tree and the people were one.

But one day darkness came over the land.

Clouds filled the sky, yet the rain no longer poured from the heavens.

Without the light, the tree did not grow.

Without the rain that poured its heart and soul into the soil

The tree began to wither.

And the sound of the breeze flowing through the leaves quickly faded

Like a distant memory. 

But the tree did not give up hope. 

Even in its darkest hour.

“I’m still holdin’ tight to this dream of distant light

in that somehow I’ll survive.”

And the tree did survive.

Because the light came back one day.

And so did the rhythmic pitter-patter of rain. 

The limbs reached far.

And the roots reached deep. 

The leaves were green again.

And they made music in the breeze.

And the people came back.

They danced and they sang.

And once again, the tree and the people were one.

Art by Fred Koehler
Fb/Tw: @superfredd
Inst: fred_koehler_

Pearl Jam community, we are all a part of the “tree of sound”. The techs and the engineers provide the light and the rain – the behind-the-scenes magic in the live music industry. And with their help and their talent, the tree thrives…all live music thrives.

When the tree thrives, it produces oxygen. And that oxygen – that music – keeps us all alive. Without the sound and the light, the tree does not truly live, and let’s face it – neither do we. Therefore, our support for techs and engineers in the live music industry must continue.

Thank you, all, for your incredible support so far. In “Phase one” of the Wishlist Foundation’s fundraiser, Speed of Sound: SoundGirls Awareness Project, we have raised over $2,000 for techs and engineers in great need in the live music industry. 

Today, the Wishlist Foundation is excited to announce “Phase two” of the Speed of Sound: SoundGirls Awareness Project. Follow @wishlistpj on instagram and Facebook over the upcoming weeks to see how you can directly support a tech or engineer in need by helping to fill an Amazon or Target wishlist. 

Thank you for your continued support and for spreading the word about how we can all help an industry in great need.